I am an expert when it comes down to mental health struggles. Not because I studied them, but simply because I’ve been struggling with them since I was twelve, and still am struggling with them to this day. I am not gonna write down my whole story, because that is actually what my lectures are about. I share my story and by doing that, I hope to inspire, but mostly educate, other people.

I used to give lectures for highschool students, but since the start of my vzw, I mostly want to aim for an audience of healthcare workers who want to improve their knowledge and skills around mental health issues. Apart from healthcare workers, I just hope to reach other people who are struggling, or who know someone who is struggling.

And in the end, I basically just want to share my story as a story of resilience, a story of hope and a story of a lot of things that can be done better in our world. I’ll post updates about upcoming lectures on this website and on social media. You can also contact me if you want to organise an event with me.

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